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Changing the Browser Status Bar message display using the onMouseover Event


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This will only work for IE 5 (or higher) as it uses the Java onMouseover Event to display and change the message in the Browser Status Bar.  Utilising a standard hyperlink anchor, the "window.status" is associated to the "onmouseover" event with its attached text message "WEB DESIGN MOUSE OVER MESSAGE" and a link text of "Web Design Link and Mouseover".  The action of placing the mouse over the hyperlink recreates the text displayed in the Status Bar.  To change this message simply change the text "WEB DESIGN MOUSE OVER MESSAGE" to what you require, and fit into any hyperlink for the same effect.


The same action is used for the second mouseover hyperlink below, which displays "THE STATUS BAR MESSAGE CHANGED" in the Status Bar.


HTML CODE - Changing the Browser Status Bar display text using onmouseover event

<title>Status Bar Text Message using Mouseover Event</title>


<a href="webdesign.htm" language="Javascript"
onmouseover="window.status='WEB DESIGN MOUSE OVER MESSAGE';return true">Web Design Link and Mouseover</a>


<a href="statusbartext.htm" language="Javascript"
onmouseover="window.status='STATUS BAR MESSAGE CHANGED';return true"> Status Bar   Message Link and Mouseover</a>



Click here to demonstrate the principal