Text Messaging made simple

Chat Abbreviations and Emoticons (printer friendly)

Using text messaging can be tedious and if you are using Wap or Cell phones, then this can be almost impossible with out some form of shorthand.  What follows is a list of immerging and normal conventions for abbreviating normal text messages.


Abbrev Text message
:-o hbtu o-: Happy Birthday to you (singing)
2bctnd To be continued
2d4 To die for
2g4u Too good for you
2l8 Too late
4e Forever
4yeo For your eyes only
aar At any rate
aas Alive and smiling
adn Any day now
aeap As early as possible
afaik As far as I know
afk Away from keyboard
aisb As it should be
aka Also known as
ambw All my best wishes
aota All of the above
asap As soon as possible
asl Age Sex Location
atw At the weekend
awhfy Are we having fun?
aysos Are you stupid or something
b4 Before
bak Back at keyboard
bau Business as usual
bbfn Bye bye for now
bbiab Be back in a bit
bbl Be back later
bcnu be seein' you
bd Big deal
bfd Big F****** deal
bol Best of luck
brb Be right back
bta But then again
btw By the way
cid Consider it done
cio Check it out
cm Call me
cmiiw Correct me if Im wrong
cmon Come on
cob Close of business
cu See you
cua See you around
cul See you later
cul8r See you later
cya See ya
cyo See you on-line
diku Do I know you
dk Don't know
dl2me Dont lie to me
dqmot Dont quote me on this
dts Dont think so
dur? Do you remember?
e2eg Ear to ear grin
ema Email address
eod End of discussion
eof End of file
eom End of message
f ?


f2f Face to face
fish First in, still here
fotcl Falling off the chair laughing
fitb Fill in the blank
fya For your amusement
fyi For your information
<g> Grin
g2g Got to go
g2r Got to run
ga Go ahead
gal Get a life
gb Goodbye
gdm8 G'day mate
g4i Go for it
gg Good game/ Gotta go
gl Good luck
gmta Great minds think alike
gol gigling out loud
gr&d Grinning running & ducking
gr8 Great
gsoh Good sense of humour
g2rm Gonig to read mail
g2g Got to go
g2gb Got to go bye
g2sy Glad to see you
h2cus Hope to see you soon
hagn Have a good night
hago Have a good one
hf Have fun
hhis Head hanging in shame
hru How are you
hth Hope this helps
iac In any case
ib I'm back
ic I see
icbw It could be worse
idk I don't know
idts I dont think so
ifu I F***ed up
iirc If I remember correctly
ilu I love you
im Instant message
imho In my humble opinion
imi I meant it
ioh I'm outer here
iow In other words
iou I owe you
irl In real life
iuss If you say so
iyss If you say so
iyswim If you see what I mean
rt Real time
j4f Just for fun
jac Just a sec
jik Just in case
jit Just in time
jja Just joking around
jk Just kining
jmo Just my opinion
k 'kay (OK)
kc Keep cool
khuf Know how you feel
kit Keep in touch
kotc Kiss on the cheek
knim Know what I mean
l8r Later
lol Laughing out loud
lmao Laughing my ass off
ltm Laugh to myself
ltns Long time no see
m8 Mate
MC Merry Christmas
MorF Male or Female
mtfbwu May the force be with you
musm Miss you so much
na No access
nbd No big deal
nc No comment
nfw No F******* way
nimby Not in my back yard
np No problem
nrn No reply necessary
nw No way
nwo No way out
-~ Negative waves

Only for you

oic Oh I see
oo Over and out
ooc Out of character
ootb Out of the blue
otoh On the other hand
pdq Pretty darn quick
pbt Pay back time
plmk Please let me know
pls Please
pmfji Pardon me for jumping in
pos Parent over shoulder
pov Point of view
pu That stinks
pxt Please explain that
rotfl Rolling on the floor laughing
rtfm Read the f***ing manual
rsn Real soon now
rip Rest in peace
ruok Are you OK
sc Stay cool
snafu Situation normal all F****** up
sol Sooner or later
SorG Straight or Gay
spst Same place same time
ssdd Same stuff different day
stw Search the web
suitw See you in the morning
sul See you later
sup What's up
suyf Shut up you fool
swdut So what do you think
t+ Think positive
tafn Thats all for now
tam Tomorrow AM
tanx Thanks
tc Take care
t2ul Talk to you later
thx Thanks
tia Thanks in advance
ttfn Ta ta for now
tpm Tomorrow PM
tuvm Thank you very much
uw You're welcome
w4u Waiting for you
wag Wild ass guess
wruf Where are you from
wb Welcome back
wca Who cares anyway
wdys What did you say
weg Wicked evil grin
wtf What the F***
wtg Way to go
wuwh Wish you were here
wyrn Whats your real name
wysiwug What you see is what you get
X! Typical Woman!
Y! Typical Man!
ya Yet another
ybs You'll be sorry
ydkm You dont know me
ysyd Yes sure you do
yttt You telling the truth
yw Your welcome
Emoticons Text message
:-) I'm happy
;-) Cheeky/sarcastic comment
:-( Upset
>;-> Rude suggestions
(-: Left handed
%-) Staring at a screen too long
:*) drunk
8) Wearing glasses
B-) Wearing Sunglasses
B:-) ... on my head
:-)- Drooling
:--) Got a cold
:'-( Been crying
:-@ Gonna scream
:-# Wear braces
:^) Broken nose
:-& Tongue tied
-:-( Punk Rocker
<:-) Stupid thing to say
':-) Lost one of my eyebrows
,:-) .. other side
|-1 Going to sleep
|-O Bored/yawning
:-Q I smoke

... a pipe

O:-) I'm an angel
:-D I'm laughing
:-X My lips are sealed
:-o Uh - oh!
[:-) I'm wearing a walkman
:-[] Wearing lipstick
:-[) I've a moustache
:-|| Angry
:-)) Very happy
$-) Greedy
:-/ Perplexed
?:-/ Confused
=:O Frightened (hair standing up)
%*@:-( Hung over
#-) Partied all night
<:I Dunce
:-I Non-committal
(-_-) Secret smile
:-)<//////////> Am wearing a tie
:-~| Have a cold
:-{} Am wearing lipstick
:-)8 Am well dressed
{(:-) Am wearing a toupee
(:-| Am bold
:-* A kiss
:-P~ A lick
X= Fingers crossed
:-P Sticking out a tongue
X-) I see nothing
:-X I say nothing
:-~~~ Drooling
...---... SOS
(_8-(|) Homer Simpson
@@@@@:o) Marge Simpson
C|:-= Charlie Chaplin
=|:-)= Abraham Lincoln
*<:-) Father Christmas
(:)-) Scuba diver
*#:-) Scotsman
0:-) Angel
:-[ Vampire
]:-) Devil
@]-'---,-- Rose
(::[]::) Bandaid/Plaster - help
(_!_) Normal ass
(__!__) Fat ass
(!) Tight ass
(_._) Flat ass
(_o^^o_) Wise ass
(_E=mc2_) Smart ass
(_13_) Unlucky ass
(_$_) Money coming out of his ass
(_?_) Dumb ass
:> Little smile/grin
:~( Crying
};> Devil/lewd remark
:<> Yawn
:pPppPP!! Rasberry
{you} Hug you
O.O Eyes wide open
:-{8 Evil big boobs
>:-[ -{9 Shock at giving birth to squirrel
@:-) Wears a turban
(-:|:-) Siamese twins
}:-o Mono brow/devil
3:-o Cow
:V Duck
>>:-) Klingon
:-|:-| Deja vu
|*-*| Cassette tape
@= Nuclear bomb
:-c Unhappy
:-C Really unhappy
:-\ Undecided
:( ) Frog
(:I Egg head
:@ What
][ Feeling seperated
}{ Face to face
See-Search Team Tony
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Senda Message

If you know more let us in on them and we'll list them here.  Continually updated so come back.

Together we can make the world smile :-)


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