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Brand new ebook covers creation software lets you create stunning ebook covers and software box images right from your desktop.

Put a 3D cover on your site and make your ebook, ezine, sofware look.   "Tantalize your customers with a professional-looking, three-dimensional cover, case or box, and transform your website into a super-busy speedway..."

eBook Cover Central
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eBook Edit Pro
Software for eBook Creation in as little as nine self explanatory steps that you can be proud of, in 5 minutes or less - 100% guaranteed so they say.

eBook Publishing Creator
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E-Book Software
A professional quality, powerful, flexible and well-supported software tool for creating E-Books which is a good overall solution. They also a completely free trial version and you don't even need to give your email address.

Caislabs Software
Caislabs Software is the leading ebook compiler provider worldwide. eBook Pack Express converts HTML, graph, flash and activex files into eBooks, tutorials, manuals and multimedia presentations with professional looking effects.

eBook Generator
Just follow a simple 12 Step eBook Wizard that will guide you each step of the way to creating your ebooks. Allows re-edit without having to create everything over from scratch, just recompile everything in a matter of minutes. Is also customizable for greater branding control.


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