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 See-Search EngineseBook Index listing and Search Engine is essentially for the authors of the Self-Published eBooks which have a descriptive/selling webpage that resides on the aurthors or sellers webpage.  This untapped and often ill-advisedly overlooked resource of authors who know they are right but due to their being unknown are considered to much of a finanicial risk to be backed by the big publishers are more than welcome here.  We understand this view as it is based on large investments and garanteed returns.  We at See-Search Engines on the other hand do not have this short sighted view, and consider it to be completely out of tune with the millions of excellent authors.

Services if required.

eBook Conversion and Cover Design


Convertion to Adobe PDF:  100 (Sterling)

eBook Cover Design:  50 (Sterling)


Free eBook Cover blanks:


ebookcover1.gif (718 bytes) ebookcover2.gif (728 bytes) ebookcover3.gif (710 bytes) ebookcover4.gif (703 bytes)
ebookcover5.gif (1031 bytes) ebookcover6.gif (1490 bytes) ebookcover7.gif (1065 bytes) ebookcover8.gif (1352 bytes)


If you are having difficulty designing an appropriate webpage for the eBook please use this purpose built template with all the required Meta Tags inbuilt and ready for populating. eBook Template

For an actual example of this template in use please visit one of these links:

Simple Solutions for your Website World

SPC with Confidence


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