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Listing of eBook Author Resource related Websites

Internet Authors Network
The Internet Authors Network is a collection of resources intended to help authors who have published on the Internet or who have self-published to promote their books. They cannot guarantee that the people most likely to buy the books will find your site. Nor do they promise that you will find the kinds of books you enjoy through the network. But bring together authors and readers alike and increase the reach of authors to potential readers and readers to potential new favorite authors.

Powerful Meta Tag Generator and other useful tools
These free tools are specially designed to promote and encourage search engines to grab your pages, index page contents to promote the visibility to other surfers.  Tools include auto-generators, recommendation email, favorite icon libraries and other resource links.

P&E: Literary Agents
A guide to publishers and publishing services for serious writers.  The listings are organized close to how businesses are listed in a telephone directory or how books are often listed in libraries.

Web Publish Soft
Self publish your works online royalty free. Turnkey E-commerce websites for everyone. Market and sell your works online for one low monthly payment.

Computer Training, Education and Tutorials
Intelinfo offers a huge collection of links to Free Computer and IT training courses, tutorials and learning material. Whether you're going for technical certification or teaching yourself programming, web design, or networking, this site provides plenty of destinations. It offers multiple links to courses, books, tutorials, and other links and resources. This is the place to go if you have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn.

Perfect Business Package
Every product in this Package comes with resell/reprint rights. This Package is yours to keep, use and sell as a complete Package or individual items. There is no restriction on the number of copies and they are royalty free for life. In fact you could even pass on the resell rights to your customers as an irresistible buying incentive!

eBook Starter Kit
If you'd really like to learn how to create your own ebook, then Ebooks: A Complete Guide to Self Publishing is a MUST read. Not only can you download this powerful ebook jam packed with valuable information completely free, but you may also freely distribute it. What this means is that you're welcome to give it to your visitors, use it as an incentive to gain new subscribers or even include it as a free bonus with any products you may be selling -- all completely free.



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