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 See-Search EngineseBook Index listing and Search Engine is essentially for the authors of the Self-Published eBooks which have a descriptive/selling webpage that resides on the aurthors or sellers webpage.  This untapped and often ill-advisedly overlooked resource of authors who know they are right but due to their being unknown are considered to much of a finanicial risk to be backed by the big publishers are more than welcome here.  We understand this view as it is based on large investments and garanteed returns.  We at See-Search Engines on the other hand do not have this short sighted view, and consider it to be completely out of tune with the millions of excellent authors.

To this end we have created this facility we consider to be the authors and will be used to promote their work across the world.  If you have a webpage that meets the requirements (see note 1 below), simply add the URL address of that webpage together with the information we require to the index, and with your help we can make a difference by proving that everyone has at least one good book in them.   

There is no charge if it is a simple link for this service, but we do ask is that to be included in this index the suggested website has a reciprocal link (webpage on the authors/sellers website that links to this website).  This would of course be mutually beneficial and is not much to ask when the effort put into this index is considered.


1.  If the author has no suitable webpage:

  1. We can either create on for him and host it on our servers (at a modest one-off charge of 20 Pounds Sterling).
  2. Assist and guide with the use of a template (no charge).

2.  If the manuscript is not in a suitable format for electronic publication:

  1. We can convert it to Adobe Acrobat format.
  2. Suggest what is needed and how this can be converted.

3.  We do not proof read manuscripts as we consider this to be the responsibility of the author.

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