Fuel/Diesel/Petrol prices across Europe (pence/litre)

Fuel and Diesel/Petrol prices Table for European Countries

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Prices and monthly trends Unleaded pence/ltr Diesel pence/ltr


PRICE move/mth PRICE move/mth
Austria 75 -0.2 69.8 +0.1
Belguim 95 +6.2 78.2 +4.7
Czech Rep 71.5 +0.8 71.5 +1.3
Denmark 92.2 -0.4 80.8 -2.0
Eire 74.5 -0.3 74 -0.8
Finland 89.4 +6.6 69.2 +2.9
France 85.2 -1.5 85.2 +9.1
Germany 90 +3.3 77.4 +1.3
Greece 65.7 +1.9 64.7 +2.0
Netherlands 100.3 +1.2 77.1 +2.3
Hungary 83.5 +3.7 79.8 -3.2
Italy 87.2 +7.2 79.4 -0.8
Luxembourg 76.5 +4.2 63.7 +1.3
Norway 94.8 -2.0 88.7 -1.1
Poland 79.5 +0.7 72.2 +4.3
Portugal 85.8 +2.0 69.2 -0.4
Spain 66.4 -4.9 66.5 0
Sweden 82.1 -6.7 82.1 +0.8
Switzerland 72.1 +0.6 77.1 +1.1
United Kingdom(Av) 96.5 +6.9 94.8 +2.3
USA 37.5 +2.1 38.2 +0.3

Data sourced - ERIC/USA Av August 2005)

(monthly movements indicated)

and what does that say about how the UK government (and others) back their own industry.

Diesel price difference across UK @ August 2005 of 1.8p/ltr (8p/Imp Gallon)

Amount taken by UK Government in tax per litre/Imp Gallon

Type LRP Unleaded Diesel
Pence/ltr 40p 96.6p 94.8p
Pence/ltr Tax 28.0p 72.5p 71.1p
Pence/Imp Gallon Tax 126p 326p 320p

Which other item do you know that is taxed at over 75%

Trend of Diesel Prices across Europe

Check out the equivalent cost of fuel in the USA (California) =38.4p Litre

So you think that is OK for UK to cope with in Europe and as it will surely be a fair and level playing field here - Think Again.
We have been taking statistics for nearly two years now and feel the general public should see for themselves how fair it really is in the UK for it's own subjects.



The Government has now revealed its master plan – Kim Howells (Minister for Transport) has gone on record as saying he wants to increase the cost of driving a car up to the point where only a few people will be able to afford it.

This Governments Plan he says is, "to tax people out of their cars in the same way as the authorities have tried to tax people off cigarettes" That’s rich coming from a load of self styled socialists who voted themselves a 50% pay rise while the rest of us were induced to be thankful for a measly 2.5%.

This is openly an attack on all of us in order to make sure us pleb’s will be able to pull our forelocks as the chosen few drive past; in what’s left of our once proud industry’s output.

So what of us pleb’s, the x-car worker, the x-transport driver, the x-engineer, the x-office worker, the x-nurse, fireman, services and everyone else. Well find your place and stay in it cos you’ll get no-where fast with the shambles the public transport system has been allowed to get in, and even if you did find a way where would you live if the price of everything transported has to account for the extra cost of this policy to the consumer beyond their means to pay.

Then again it could all be brought in from abroad where the cost of fuel is much much lower then in the UK, or is that the hidden plan no-one is admitting too.

This website is unashamedly proud to be English first then British. What has happened to this country, are we all sheep?

LATEST (3/6/04):

Leaked/alleged Government papers reveal proposals to ban everyone from the roads except essential services if Petrol Dispute goes ahead.  This considers MPs as essential so they won't be affected, everyone else will have to stay at home and the country will of course run itself. 

Highest noted petrol in UK 109.9 pence/Ltr or 494.55 pence/Imperial Gallon (Bispham Lancashire) -


LATEST (13/9/2005):

Gordon Brown has gone on records as stating, 'it's the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries that's to blame for the high petrol prices'.   So is he trying to say the british public is thick and don't realise that must of the cost to us all is in the Petrol Duty and then the VAT on top. 

This means this government would prefer to let the country and its industries go to rot  rather than listen and admit they are WRONG, WRONG and WRONG AGAIN.

Last year the treasury has took 5billion pounds from North Sea Oil production, this year it likely to be more than 15 billion pounds.  And this does not include the 17.5% VAT charged for every litre of fuel at the pumps.  Obviously I'm in the wrong Job.

Gordon Brown - Stop treating me and the rest of the country like imbeciles

Then again it's what we have come to expect from 'New Labour'.


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'The reason for recent petrol price rises is the world oil price. The right way to reduce prices - indeed the only sensible way - is to put pressure on OPEC, not to let them off the hook by caving in to blockades here. That is not just the position of the British Government, but the position now of every Government in the industrialised world".   This despite UK TAX levy at 86%

The AA says the Government raised 36 billion in fuel and road tax in 1999.  However, the Government re-invested only 6 billion. So the cry of  better infrastructure and public schemes was just pure  ...   POLITICS  ...  How about telling us where's the other 30 billion gone -   Millenium Dome!  Today its running at   38 billion in tax and less than 6 billion has been re-invested in roads or transport - This is scandalous.



Why has the UK the highest priced diesel in Europe???

When the so called "Fuel Escalator" was introduced by the Conservatives in 1993 (a noble thought at the time) which initially added 3% and later increased to 5% above the rate of inflation.  In 1997, the Labour government continued this by adding 12p ltr on the grounds of the environmental effects of fuels, despite diesel being a very clean fuel.  Then Gordon Brown added a further 6p in March 2000 when the country finally got off the escalator.  The effect is that now the UK has the highest priced petrol and diesel in Europe.  However Labour and it's 'new' approach has piled much more on top of that which stands it at approx 75% tax on every ltr of fuel at the pumps.  It doesn't stop there either, it's taxed even before it gets to the pumps as well.

How does this effect you???

Everything is linked from the food you buy to the house you live in.  The whole of society runs on fuels of some kind.  Food is mainly transported by road (because the UK has no reliable rail service with no long term strategy for expansion) so the cost of running vehicles will be passed onto the customers.  Who do you think delivers the corner shop fruit and veg, clothing.  Even the Health Services suffer as they must pay like anyone else.  Next time you visit a Hospital or have the need for an essential service ask who is paying the fuel bills, then look around and see the effects; so much for a government that listens!!

Remember the fuels strikes and all the fuss over essential services not getting the fuel they needed - somebody or some 'body' played 'spin' with that one as it was just not true.   Now we are at a price greater than that which caused the uproar. 

Road haulage across Europe puts UK jobs at risk.  It's simple logistics, if your running costs are lower then you can charge less for the service - lean operation does not mean forced corner cutting.  Those companies that are managing to survive without any government backing in the UK are probably the best in the world - because they have to be just to survive.  We now can see the results of this farce - thousands of jobs lost all over this country.

Is it not time for the our government to back the people they are supposed to represent, but then again what is left that is truly British.  The pompous arrogance with which some of those in power brush it aside in the hope that it will shortly become someone else's problem continues to amazes must of us who care.

Call us cynical, but we are of the opinion that a country without a viable integrated transport strategy is one that is thinking about how much revenue it will loose from its taxes on fuel.

UK Government commissioned Report makes it official:

UK has the worst transport system in Europe with most roads under serious stress and 25% with traffic jams.  Why - because there is no viable alternative due to a serious lack of investment for decades.  36 billion in fuel and road tax and the Government re-invested only 6 billion in the transport systems; in 2001/2 it was even less.  Then again the Rail System was re-nationalised for nothing, most of what's left of the UK industry has been allowed to rot and the rest has been sold abroad.  A real caring government this one is.

Our predictions on the effects of a disintegrated transport strategy proved correct:

Royal Mail announced it will no longer use the rail network for transport and will be switching over to road haulage. Where is the UK government in all this?  Not trying to sort anything out that we can see, that's for sure.

What do you think having read the above data table ?

Simple advice on economy:

Buy petrol in units of litres rather than in units of pounds. Buying 10, 20 or filling up hides the true value of what you are getting. Buying in litres rather than 's will highlight very effectively those who charge more for the same amount of fuel.

Remember that your driving style affects fuel consumption. Simply avoid heavy acceleration and braking, Roof-racks and spare the Air conditioning which drinks it.


See-Search comments:

Let's be honest here - this is not about public transport, it's about TAX.


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Please note Regional variations should be applied (10% either way)
3.8 Litres = 1 U.S. gallon
4.5 litres =  Imp Gallon
10p/ltr  = 0.45 Imp Gallon
88.9p/ltr  = 4.00 Imp Gallon

Data sourced - ERIC/USA Av February 2005)

2002 fuel data archive December 2002

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